What Do You Declare?

We spent this weekend with a bunch of dreamers and entrepreneurs at Jon Acuff’s Quitter Conference. More than that, we had the privilege of leading a Saturday morning breakout session on Defining Your Declaration – a section straight out of our Understanding Your Branding workshop.

But what exactly is a brand declaration? In essence, it’s your mission, vision, and elevator pitch, all rolled into one. It’s clear, concise, and easily articulates what you do, who you do it for, and what makes you stand out.

It’s a single statement that says it all.

This was a really cool experience for us, because while we frequently work through declarations with our clients one-on-one, we’ve never had the opportunity to lead the discussion for so many people.  And, at the end, we asked attendees to email us what they came up with for their declaration. Here’s a snapshot of what we got:

“Transforming events into experiences by listening to visions, designing vision-centric ideas, and delivering excellence in on site event support to event organizers of all experience levels.”

“Using simple, memorable teaching to equip, support, challenge, and shape honorable men who will make an impact on the world they live in.

“Inspiring quality food, excellent service, and clean restaurant environments by communicating an atmosphere of care and involvement with staff and guests.”

“To build relationships around sustainable living practices by providing a fun, interactive learning experience in every class, every workshop, and every interaction in the community.”

Pretty cool, huh? So cool, in fact, that I wanted to bring it to the blog. Do you have a declaration that succinctly explains what you do (your contribution), who you do it for (your key market), and what sets you apart (your distinction)? If so, let’s hear it in the comments.

If not, you should. We’d love to help you work though this concept in a UYB of your own.

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