Addressing Problems vs. Developing Solutions

Branding is bigger than the sum of its parts. A brand is made up of all the things you associate with it — what it looks like, how it makes you feel, the memories and emotions it evokes. We’re in the business of branding — creating moments and experiences, telling stories, and inviting buyers, followers, fans, and supporters to be a part of the narrative.

When clients reach out to me, there’s typically a specific reason. “My website is broken”, “Our logo stinks”. Sometimes it’s more general: “We’re growing and we want to make sure we’re doing things right!”; “We’re starting a new company and we want to make sure we’re not cutting corners.”

Our job – my job – is to educate and reinforce the value of branding, and investing with a company like ours. That starts by balancing the difference between a problem (a pain point, probably the reason the person reached out), and a solution (something the client may not be thinking about, but is looking for a creative firm like us for help). We’re in the business, yes, of developing products that meet client needs, but more importantly, we pride ourselves as trusted partners that not only address problems, but collaboratively develop branding solutions inline with business goals.

Your business and the brand go hand in hand. It’s up to you to decide if the proverbial printer in the copy room needs another light slam to get it going, or if it’s time to invest in a solution that isn’t a quick fix, that isn’t a temporary measure, but instead, supports the growth of your business, and the importance you place on the work you do.

It’s not simply about addressing the problem, it’s about finding, in our case, creative solutions.

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