Authentic Branding: Realize Your True Brand

There’s a word that often comes up in conversations with clients and partners: Authenticity. At Proof, we’re proud to have worked with hundreds of brands nationwide in a multitude of industries. There’s always a key element that reflects the brand essence that will drive action from the target audience. Whether it’s consumers, potential employees, donors, or – brass tax – people who are going to keep your business or organization financially afloat, it’s important to speak to your target audience, to speak about your brand in a way that showcases the benefit of what you do.

At the same time, as a brand, it’s paramount to be true to who you and your entire team are. Asking critical questions as to what you do, what you sell, how you educate, and why people need what you’re providing is key. With a focus on the heart behind the brand, internal buy-in and external acceptance will show through all aspects of the company or organization: why are you doing this and why does this benefit people.

One word that stands out to us at Proof is “Integrity.” Most have been aware of past issues with major brands who have had questionings about their corporate integrity. With that awareness, consumers spoke loudly and the corporations and businesses – both big and small – have made positive pivots to change their messaging, branding, and, most importantly, internal culture to reflect the intentional change and care for individuals.

The moral of this story is that if you don’t truly care about what your brand represents, you will land upon headaches, uproar, and – at worst – business failure. The other side of the coin is much brighter. With authenticity and passion in what you’re doing, selling, building, and providing, you will have consumer buy-in, support, and most importantly a tribe of authentic people that will keep your brand thriving. Keep others in mind, but also stay true to yourself if your passion for your work serves others well and with benefit.

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