Be Positive. Stay Awesome.

Positive Thinking

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” –Dalai Lama

It’s often easy to focus on the negative or the “what needs to be fixed.” Oddly enough it takes a lot of energy to live in the positive. The seemingly positive messages in marketing these days also appear to address a problem that needs fixing.

“Our product will make you look and feel better,” they may say, assuming you don’t look good enough and feel good enough as is. For me personally, the most positive people I’ve ever known are those that are most comfortable in their own skin and that inspires me.

Inspiration, however, isn’t enough. It takes focus and action to be a voice of positivity. It’s tough to not focus on the frustrating things in life and work, but I’ll say that a positive, kind word to a colleague or an uplifting and encouraging email to a client is the simplest and truest way to inspire those with whom you have contact with every day.

Many reading this may simply say, “duh!” but when you make a personal charge to speak positively to those around you and act in a way that evokes levity, your clients, co workers, friends, and family will likely gravitate to a similar, positive plane.

Make a commitment to tell a co worker, “you’re doing some awesome work,” or a client “you’ve been incredible to work with through this project.” A lot of small impacts will surely make a big difference.

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