The Importance of Context.

Proof Branding

The creative branding and design process is just that, a process. A process with multiple steps, benchmarks, and checkpoints. Our job is to lead that process while inviting clients in to provide input and feedback along the way.

As we work through the creative process with our clients, one thing we stress throughout is the importance of context. Context is ensuring that what is being reviewed is done so in a way that reflects what the user/audience will experience when it’s all said and done.

The perfect example is our WordPress design & development service, a core deliverable for many of our clients. The early steps in the web design process involve site-mapping, wire-framing, discussing overall layout and architecture, and copywriting. There’s a lot of lifting to be done before we even begin to think about what the site should look like or how it will function – and much of this early conversation takes place without any visual to re-enforce recommendations. Thus, there’s a natural drop-off and lack of understanding of how it will all come together.

Our goal is to ensure clients to trust in the process – much like the steps in building a home. You need the blueprint approved before you work on renderings, and you need renderings approved before moving into design and development.

More and more, we’re moving our clients toward a place where they can get as clear of a vision as possible as early as possible. Showing content in context of wireframes. Showing mood-boards and early stage inspiration in context of final design direction.

Connecting those dots from conversation to context to completion are what makes an outstanding creative process. Here’s to continuing to better ourselves and our engagements with clients through providing clear context for our creativity.

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