Because Brands Should Be Known

Have you ever had one of those weird experiences when you meet someone who already knows quite a bit about you, but you have NO idea who they are?

This scenario has become even more likely with the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs. People can get to know a lot of details about you while staying at a distance. You can’t know everybody, but because of the Internet, everybody can know you.

It works the same way with celebrities and brands.

Justin Bieber and Katy Perry don’t know all their fans, because there are millions of them. They could spend the rest of their lives attempting to meet all of them, and it still wouldn’t happen.

Instead, they make it easy for their fans to get to know them. Both released documentaries and are active on Twitter, so fans feel like they’re in as much of a relationship as possible without actually being known by these celebs.

In the same way individuals and celebrities can’t know and have relationships with everybody, neither can brands. You won’t meet everyone who visits your website. You likely won’t have a relationship with each of your Twitter followers or Facebook fans. If you sell a product, you’ll never know each individual who purchases it. And there will be brand advocates you never know to thank.

But if you’re willing to put your brand out there, be candid, share information, and show the brand’s personality, people will start to feel comfortable with who you are. This is what great social media campaigns are all about.

You have basically limitless opportunities to introduce your brand to the marketplace, so take advantage. Don’t be afraid to offer your fans a one-way relationship. If you can’t get to know them, at least let them get to know you.

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