Brand Development: West Virginia Child Advocacy Network

West Virginia Child Advocacy Network

Empowering children. Restoring hope. Ending abuse.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the team of West Virginia Child Advocacy Network (WVCAN) over the past four years. Most recently, we worked with the organization on a full rebrand. Our project was not only fun creatively, but more importantly, personally fulfilling.

The WVCAN team wakes up every day believing that every child needs (and deserves) a voice – empowering youth throughout the state of West Virginia with strength and courage. In short, they save lives. It’s a privilege to call them our client, and even better, our friends. 

The organization’s network of centers are seeing 82% more cases today than in 2009. By defining and uniting the voice, aesthetic, and calls to action of a statewide leader and its local counterparts, West Virginia Child Advocacy Network is poised to provide help to more children, raise general abuse awareness, and acquire support to reach their goal of ensuring all state citizens have quick access to child advocacy centers.

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