Make Gratitude a Part of Your Brand’s Core.


Every year, we take off this one day to be with families, eat more than we should, watch parades…all the feels of festive fall creeping into winter. Halting the grind gives us time to reflect, give thanks, and show gratitude.

At Proof, we’re thankful that we have the ability to choose clients whose missions we believe in. Brands we love, but more importantly, people we like. West Virginia Child Advocacy Center, an organization committed to making the world a better, safer place for kids. KIPP Nashville, who’s making strong education a reality for the kids in our hometown. James and Jonathan, the brothers behind The Escape Game, who are chasing after their dream like mad men. Clients we’ve known for years, ones we’re just getting to know–all of whom made sacrifices for the sake of love, and took the time to build a brand with us.

The truth is that all of us entrepreneurs, in any industry, would be nothing without the people who believe in what we do. Every interaction with your clients and customers matters. Because they’re the people that shape who you are and how you approach everything from the littlest tasks to your biggest projects. They’re the muses for a better process, a better product, and better interactions.

For us, the partnership with the people behind the product is what we hold dear. A happy, fulfilled, excited customer is what makes our work absolutely worth it.

So, before we get to Thursday, thank you to all of our clients—past, present, and future—who hold us accountable to be at our best and always surpass expectations.

Take time to thank your customers, clients, and partners this week. Make gratitude a part of your brand’s core.

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