Bottled: Community Shares

When we began working with Community Shares – Tennessee, they were in need of tactical branding and marketing help. What began as an immediate need for a 12-month marketing strategy to increase overall brand awareness soon blossomed into much more. And the end result was beautiful.

After a series of in-depth meetings, interviews, and phone calls, our team based our long-term strategy on the use of online and offline media in order to increase overall community awareness about the work that Community Shares does. Because it has a handful of truly unique attributes, our strategy encourages their staff to leverage these aspects in order to generate initial interest. Our strategy came complete with a detailed public relations plan and templates, as well as with details for establishing a very involved group of local advocates to be brand ambassadors for Community Shares.

Then, work on the tagline began. After several hours of brainstorming and sharing, the finalists were narrowed until we all found one that stuck: Giving at work. Giving that works.

Brochure Design and Copywriting

In order to compete in the world of workplace giving, we then took this tagline and the core identity of Community Shares and those it serves to produce a high-impact 12-page brochure that will grab a donor’s attention when visiting the Community Shares booth at a corporate giving fair. Because Community Shares offer many options when donating money, instead of a traditional tri-fold informational brochure, we opted for a format that felt more like a catalog, to help the donor understand they had a choice when donating money to Community Shares, much like they have a choice when thumbing through their favorite apparel catalog or when picking college courses back in the day.

Brochure and Print Design

In order to motivate the reader to weigh all of his or her options, several pages used images to convey the good work of Community Shares while also highlighting the quantitative successes the organization has had in the past few years. Such measurable stories convey a sense of trust that one’s dollars will truly do good things in the hands of Community Shares.

Brochure and Print Design by Proof BrandingBrochure and Print Design by Proof Branding

Then, to round out the brochure and to end on a high note, our team wrote and designed this graphic that sums up all of Community Shares’ work in a catchy and motivational piece of art.

Proof Branding Design

In fact, we then printed this piece as an 11″x17″ poster for distribution to those who become new Community Shares donors to serve as a thank-you gift and as a reminder of the good things their money does.

Proof Branding Print and Logo Design

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