Bottled: Nashville Prep

Proof’s relationship with Nashville Prep dates back to our work initially done on their logo and school website. The school has come a long way since then, officially opening its doors in early August and welcoming its first crop of ambitious 5th graders.

As a new school with just one grade (they’ll add a new grade each year until they have students in grades 5-12), Nashville Prep can’t plunk down a briefcase full of cash to purchase its own building yet. So, as a temporary measure, they’re using space at Tennessee State University. This allows Nashville Prep to have all the amenities of a high-tech classroom, but at the expense of not having a place to call their own.

Sort of.

In order to make the students feel proud of their new school, and to remind these young people to stay motivated on their studies, Proof designed signage to adorn hallways and classrooms so that Nashville Prep could brand their space well.

Charter School Branding

Charter School Branding

Charter School BrandingAnd, no charter school is complete without uniforms, so Proof provided guidance there as well.

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