Define the What & Why Before Deciding How.

Define Your Business

We actively partner with clients on the design of their logo and visual identity. Logo design is a lot different from something like web design, and it requires you to think more conceptually, whereas something like designing for web is often about function over form. When approaching the visual identity design for a client, I like to think of it in the following steps: 


Having a defined brand that is cohesive, memorable, and straight-forward doesn’t come without effort. Above all, businesses need to define who they are as a company. What are the values? The mission? The culture? The defining characteristics? The goals?

We define and answer these questions for your business. Writing out each aspect of your company automatically helps aid with the clarity of your company. It puts a definitive structure behind who your company is, and equips you with language to concisely explain your business to others.


Once we’ve defined the brand and began the process of developing it, we review our information and put ourselves into the perspective of someone that’s never heard of your company (read: assume your users, clients, customers know nothing). Could this person understand your business model in layman’s terms? Are there any gaps in your business narrative?

We always recommend to our clients having friends or coworkers read over each defined aspect of their brand and business – citing areas where there are discrepancies in perspective and to identify anything that may be unclear or confusing. 


The most important step in defining and developing a brand is in simplifying its approach. We take out erroneous details that other people won’t care about or that muddle the mission. Define the top priorities for the business and define calls to action that will drive customers and clients to do what we want them to do. This exercise is to get to the core of definition of your brand without the clutter. Together, we make sure the answer to each question clear, concise and consistent.


Once we’ve defined the core of your business, each answered question will fuel the visual aesthetic we develop for the brand, curating the visual identity around the cornerstones of the business and strengthening your overall brand story.

Before jumping into the creative process, getting to the heart of the who – what – and why of every brand we partner with is an imperative first step. 

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