’Tis the Season of Gratitude.

The holidays are upon us. Lights are being strung, candles being lit, and the aura of cheer is here. The team at Proof is excited for an end-of-year repose to reflect on the year behind and focus on the year ahead. And in looking back at 2018, we have a lot to be thankful for.

The Proof family (and we are truly a family) has worked with some amazing clients in the last 12 months. Our work has taken brands through a true evolution like the great team at Cumberland River Compact

We’ve seen an awesome startup go to market which proudly displays Proof’s branding and packaging design. Working with BRWD was such a gratifying experience with great people and we’re excited to see them grow in the years ahead.

Our work in the education sector has been some of the most fulfilling work we continue to do for our clients and that we’ll continue into 2019. We’re so appreciative of the work that teachers and staff are doing to enrich the lives of our next generation every single day.

And we’re thrilled to be partnering with some of the most exciting new property developments in Nashville, and can’t wait to share more with you in the new year.

We’re thankful for every client, connection, and experience we’ve had. And if you’re reading this, know that we’re grateful for you too. If you’re reading and we haven’t met, send me an email (hello@proofbranding.com) and say hello.

Spend this holiday season looking back at all of the great things in your life and work and look ahead to a new year that is filled with promise, hope, and kick-ass work across the board.

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