Don’t Just Say It. Prove It.

The phrases “fair trade” and “organic” have gone from being a distinction to being all but the industry standard when it comes to food these days. It has been so bastardized that we inherently question the legitimacy of an “organic” claim (just wait, organic Doritos are right around the corner).

Bongo Java

And that’s what I love about our friends at Bongo Java. They recognize the hesitation to believe something is truly organic, fair trade, and/or locally sourced. That’s why instead of simply slapping a label on their bags of coffee beans, they prove it. If you head over to you can find out exactly where the bag of coffee you’re holding in your hand came from.

This illustrates a bigger branding lesson and a takeaway for all of us. Instead of simply saying you are something – or that you can do something – you should – you must – prove it.

What claims are you making? What are the most important things you want your customers, clients, fans, and followers want to know about you. You may be talking the talk, but are you walking the walk?

Don’t just say it. Prove it.

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