Show Off Your Grill

A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of Property Brothers, because – well – I’m addicted to HGTV and it’s on all the time. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

Anyway, in this particular episode, they were working on an outdoor kitchen and went to a grill vendor to look at some models. And what happened next was fantastic. To show off the grills, the vendor cooked them hotdogs. And since one of the grills came with a tap, he poured them beers. So while they were looking at grills (normally boring), they had some beers and hotdogs (always awesome).

I’ve attempted some research to try and figure out exactly what this place was and where it was located, with little success. But the takeaway is just as strong, regardless. If there’s a way to engage people with your product from the very beginning, DO IT.

From what I understand, grill competition is relatively steep. The Property Brothers could have gone to Sears or ordered a grill online, but this guy has done something with his product that is unmatched by competitors. He puts it to work. He shows it off. And in doing so, he gets you invested.

He looked at the grill shopping experience and said, “what can make this better?” And his answer? Actually experiencing the grill.

What experience can you give potential customers? How can you put your product to work? Don’t find your answer by looking around and seeing what others are doing. Instead, look around and see what others aren’t. That’s where you’ll make your mark.

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