This is Finely Crafted.

Once upon a time, there was you. 

And then you did something. Then something else. You had some ups and some downs. You told yourself no. You told yourself yes. You failed. You won. You got lost. You found your way. Somehow, you ended up right here, where you find yourself today.

You have a story. Your business and organization has a story. Your brand has a story.

For the past six months, I (and my team at Proof), have been planning, brainstorming, scheming, and hustling to develop Finely Crafted. A platform that, at its core, is rooted in “story”.

What the heck is it? Short answer: We’re launching with an awesome podcast, where we’ll chat with and hear the stories of craftsman, entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives – folks from all walks of life with one consistent purpose: To help you tell your own story and build a better brand.

Long(er) answer: Finely Crafted is a platform for my and our creative pursuits. Think podcasts, books, products, art, unicorns. There’s a lot of goodness in the works for the year ahead.

Today we’re officially LIVE with our first three episodes! Here’s what I’d love for you to do:

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Every brand starts and ends with a good story. [tweet this]

Once upon a time, today happened. Yesterday was a memory and tomorrow was an opportunity. My mission with Finely Crafted is to help you, your business, and/or your brand tell a better story. Not in a fluffy, heady way, but in a real, tangible sense that’ll inspire action and drive results.

This is where my story – our story – meets yours.

This is Finely Crafted.

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