How To Kill The ‘Tude And Arm Yourself With Optimism

Goals! Resolutions! Great!

I’m tired.

It’s only the third full week of January, and already, the temptation to slump on achieving those lofty dreams is here. Why? There are a few post-holiday realities that just hit hard:

  • The kids are back in school. Whether or not you’re a parent, school zone traffic sucks.
  • Deadlines have arrived. All of those “we’ll take care of it after we get back” tasks are showing up in full force.
  • It’s freezing…in most places. (If you’re a Floridian, please refrain from gloating.)
  • And you may have already “failed” at one of your new resolutions.

Among (many) other things, these kinds of real world punches make you want to crawl back under the covers and hide. Since that’s not an option, we trudge on, often by force, only to communicate – internally and/or externally – through a negative state of mind. And that’s a problem for everyone.

Whether you’re finding yourself tired, annoyed, grumpy, or just “meh”, add embracing a spirit of optimism to your list of 2015 goals. In fact, make it number one. Here’s why.

Happy People Are Productive People.

In order to contribute more and burn the midnight oil less, the only way you’ll make it is if you kick negativity to the curb.

Researchers from The University of Warwick recently led experiments on employee productivity and found that “happiness made people around 12% more productive.”

“The driving force seems to be that happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.” – Dr. Daniel Sgroi, Lead Researcher

The idea of working “better not harder” or “better not faster” starts with positivity and knowing that with concentration and focus, you can (continuously) find a solution.

Unhappiness Is Contagious.

Pessimism is toxic and spreads like wildfire. It will inevitably creep in from somewhere, and whether you’re a team leader or a worker bee, you are responsible for protecting yourself from the damage it can cause.

So, keep it at bay from the time you clock in. There’s no need to go into full out “Pollyanna” mode (read: might cause your coworkers’ heads to explode), but intentionally creating an upbeat environment is important.

First, get into your own mode of bliss – start your morning with a walk, meet a friend for coffee, watch Sports Center…whatever it is that gets you there. Then, find ways to incorporate niceties into the work day and spread the love. Lend a hand when you have downtime, bring in treats, share a funny video/article.

The point? You’ll be happier if there’s a total “happiness” buy-in from those around you.

Here’s the thing — just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you’ll have less obstacles to overcome. None of us know what crazy requests we’ll receive in our inbox from one day to the next. But don’t let the sting of one not-so-great moment and the anticipation of a second dilute the path to achieving your goals.

Arm yourself with optimism – you might be surprised at what you’re able to accomplish.


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