Mobile-First Web Design Is A Game-Changer.

Sliced bread, game changer. Peyton Manning’s retirement after an epic win at Super Bowl 50, game changer. Ford’s assembly line, game changer.

All important to history, right? Sure, some more important than others, but it’s hard to ignore one game changer that has forever shaped the way we live, communicate, and hail a taxi. The mobile phone? What an idea! An idea, that I’m sure, surpassed all conceived notions of just how advanced that first “brick” could have been.

For me, I feel naked without my phone. How do I know if there’s a kickass party down the street, where the food truck scene is today, or if the Atlanta Braves made it to the world series (let’s not hold our breath on that one)? Mobile devices are ubiquitous not only in social circles, but business as well.

Mobile-first web design is a game changer.

As a culture that’s always on the go, you might be thinking more and more about mobile-first. Laptops and desktops are great for emailing at work, but more and more they’re taking a backseat to mobile. Everyone wants (and sometimes needs) their information literally “at their fingertips.” So our phones are quickly becoming a lifeline.

Designing for mobile devices first is paramount in today’s age. Sure your company is online, but is your site mobile-friendly? It should be, and at Proof we specialize in mobile-first web development. Forever thinking with a mobile-friendly brain can turn an acceptable website into an exceptional game changer.

Sure, victory and sliced bread are pretty sweet, but unlike your company, the thrills won’t live forever. Join the revolution and take the mobile leap to becoming a digital game changer.

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