Proof 4.0 – Introducing Our New Website.

new website

Proof is going on its sixth year, and every couple of years, we get the itch to start working on a new version of our website. Ok, let’s be honest. We get that itch about seven minutes after we launch a new iteration. Being in the business of creating brands and designing websites for our clients makes us hyper-focused and, admittedly, overly critical of our own. This week we launched 4.0. The 4th overhaul of was a labor of love that took nearly a year to plan, architect, design, develop, test, and launch. It’s undoubtedly our best yet and was a true team effort.

And it was hard work.

Working on your own brand is not easy. Heck, that idea is the basis of our entire business model. We partner with clients who need someone to step in and guide them through the branding process. Looking within, and being critical and honest with yourself, is no small task. But that process, especially this go-around, was enlightening, helped us truly understand what we’re best at, and how best to position ourselves and the Proof brand well on the web. Our “front door” for potential clients and awesome folks like you.

I (and we) love everything about the new site, but here are a few especially awesome things that we accomplished and included.

  • The clients! We placed a huge emphasis on our clients. We love them and we’re incredibly proud of our work. They’re much more in-focus with our new site.
  • The content! Every word you see was reviewed, revised, and re-written to best reflect who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We simplified and cut out a lot of the “fluff” and are direct while maintaining our signature approachable and, dare I say, witty, tone.
  • The code! The code was entirely re-written from the ground up. Dave spent hours and hours writing beautiful, clean code that ensures everything functions really (really) well and that load times and usability are optimized across every browser and device. You don’t see it, but this played a huge part in the overhaul of the website.
  • The team! We’ve enhanced our focus on the experience and excellence of our team. We’re a small company that aspires to be small. Our people are at the core of what we do. This shines throughout our website and with our Playbook. Special thanks to Caley for making us all look good on camera.
  • The sexiness! Aesthetically, we intentionally kept things light and airy. White space is not the enemy, in fact, we’re BFF’s. Everything feels lighter and less heavy with the redesign.
  • The 404 page! GIF’s are the best. Saved by the Bell GIF’s are even better.

Overall, everything is easy to get to, easy to understand, and hopefully, nice to look at. We hope you love the new Proof website as much as we loved creating it. It will, without a doubt, serve us well until we inevitably get the itch to make it even better. Cheers!

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