Make Change Easy

Yesterday started like any other day. Went for a run, had breakfast, took a shower. But then, everything changed.

I got in my car, started her up, and noticed that all of my XM radio stations had been changed. Every beloved preset was pointing somewhere new.

I pushed each button frantically, trying to find Mike and Mike or at least some Top 20. I was taken back to my childhood when the cable company would constantly change the stations, forcing me to re-learn the channel numbers and find my favorite programs. But then a calm washed over me…

I realized that has I pressed each button, it automatically reset my presets to the new station numbers. No searching. No need for panic. The change was seamless.

The moral of this not-quite-as-dramatic-as-I-made-it-sound story? Change doesn’t have to be inconvenient. It shouldn’t be frustrating or difficult for your clients and customers.

Whether your considering a rebrand or introducing some new services, don’t over-complicate things – and make the transition as effortless as possible for the end-user.

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