The Fastest Way to Brand Burnout

…Not embracing your brand’s identity as your own.

Or in other words, trying to be or assuming an identity that you think your clients, customers, and audience wants while losing out on what you’re most interested in and what ignites your own interest and excitement – because you’re “supposed” to be doing something.

Whew, that was a mouthful, so let me explain.

Some will tell you that you MUST separate the personal from the business side of things, but as we’ve said before, without YOU, you don’t have a business. Maintaining your own identity not only leads to more passionate, focused work – it’s the only way to keep from getting bored and burned out.

Whether you’re writing a blog on a specific topic, developing a product for a specific customer, or tailoring a service for a specific client market, if your heart isn’t in it, the idea will inevitably sputter and die out.

Sometimes you have to “just do it” (thanks, Nike). Focus on the “doing” first, then think about how to grow, perfect, and monetize it. Those things will come, and the passion that inspired action in the first place is what will drive your success.

Next time you’re thinking about whether you should pursue a new idea, simply ask yourself this, “Is it something I want to do”?

The answer to that question, as simple as it sounds, will keep you from wasting your time and will empower you (and your business) to do great things.

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