Be Okay With Enough.

“When can we sit back and enjoy it? When will our luck run out? What’s next? Can we be okay with where we are? Is ‘enough’ okay?”

Today we released our latest episode of Finely Crafted. I chatted with Stephen Rose, who, with his wife, owns The Peach Truck–a household name in Nashville, and a growing brand throughout the Southeast and nation-wide. The concept is simple. They sell peaches. Out of a truck.

I know, I just blew your mind. 

At least that’s how it all started. Now they sell peaches out of trucks, in front of custom jean companies, at farmers markets, on the side of the road in towns around the southeast, and online to buyers in all 50 states. It started in a truck and has grown–exponentially–in just a few short years.

What I’ve learned about Stephen is he’s the kind of guy–the kind of husband and father, the kind of business-owner–who puts values first. He values freedom. He values flexibility. And while growth is important to him, he’s learned, early in his entrepreneurial journey, to be “okay with enough”.

It’s a lesson for me, for you, and for everyone. Growth is always possible and there’s always potential to do more, but sometimes the best decision is to be satisfied with exactly where you are. As you navigate your own careers and business endeavors, when you’re met with growth opportunities, ask yourself, “what’s the point?” Is it worth the extra effort? Is what you’ll have to give up worth what you can potentially gain?

If the answer is “hell yes!”–then absolutely go for it. But if it’s “no”–or even if there’s doubt–challenge yourself to be okay with enough.

Sometimes the hardest, yet most important, thing you can do as a leader of your respective brand is to ignore the call to move, to build, to grow, and, instead, pause, savor, and be okay right where you are.

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