The Story of Your Brand is a Living, Breathing, Constantly Evolving Thing.

We talk a LOT about story at Proof. So much so that we created a whole new platform and podcast entirely dedicated to storytelling.

That’s because we believe everything you do as a business or organization is rooted in a compelling story. It impacts your culture, your process, and your products.

But a story isn’t something that simply “is” – a good story, your story, is constantly evolving and changing – or at least it should be, if your goal is to stay relevant and remain on the leading edge of your industry.

This idea of “story evolution” is something we talked quite a bit about with Michael Margolis on a recent episode of Finely Crafted. Michael’s a master at storytelling and understanding it’s importance in the business world. During our conversation, he shared the example of public libraries and their story arc and evolution.

(Full disclosure, Michael’s done quite a bit of work with libraries and his company released an excellent Toolkit for public libraries (which is also extremely relevant to any brand, so check it out).

How has the story of the library evolved?

Historically, the library was the only place you could go to access information. A little old lady librarian would point you to an encyclopedia and you’d find an answer to your question. Now, we live in a world of infinite information. And, like it or not, the role of the library has changed – because it must, to survive.

No longer are words like “quiet, boring, study, homework, and nerdy” being used to describe the library. Instead, the conversation – the story – has evolved to include words like “culture, creative, technical, dynamic, and active.

David Morris in The Public Library Manifesto is quoted with saying:

“More than just books and banks of computers, libraries are still places where individuals gather to explore, interact, and imagine.”

Rather than taking the “please help us survive” approach, libraries have an opportunity to celebrate who they are and explain why they matter more than ever before.

My point is less about libraries and more about you – whoever you are – as a representative and leader for your own brand. The story you tell about your brand must adapt and evolve with the rapidly evolving world we live in.

Instead of telling a story about where you’ve been – change the narrative to where you are and where you’re going. Give people a reason to care and invite others to find their own place in your evolving journey. Tell the story – and keep telling the story – of why you matter today more than ever before.

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