Our Brand Identity.

Proof Branding

At the start of every client project, we work through a two-day Understand Your Brand Workshop. This is a significant (often times unexpected) time investment, but that up-front clarifying, rapport building, and creative brainstorming is critical to successful collaboration that leads to the best possible results.

One of the cornerstones of this workshop is an exercise in defining a “brand identity”. The exercise itself is relatively straightforward: write down adjectives that describe the brand and go through a discussion and voting process to narrow the list to four key adjectives that round out the brand’s identity. These four words aren’t necessarily for the world to see, but the emotion and purpose behind them is apparent in everything we do, from copy and messaging to aesthetic and design.

Every so often, we run through this exercise internally to refine and/or redefine the brand identity of Proof. What do we do? Why do we do it? Why does it matter? What makes us unique?

These are the questions we ask ourselves and recently, we landed on these four descriptors:


Our interactions are patient, kind, and direct. We listen before we speak and are committed to being approachable and accessible, because, at our core, Proof is a service business that cares about every business and individual we serve.


The quality of our work relies on great imagination, the ability to move beyond formulas, and a commitment to maintain a culture that seeks opportunity and dwells in possibility.


While our individual talents are strong, we are much more powerful together. From client interactions to team reviews, casual brainstorming and focused development, we lean on each other’s support and contributions to make Proof a place where great ideas come to thrive.


At the heart of everything we do is a simple question: “Why?” – For us and for our clients, purpose drives action and our creative focus on telling brand stories and developing meaningful results.


This is the heart and soul of Proof. But it is not finite. We’re constantly tinkering and tweaking to make sure we’re not only focused on the brand identity we strive for today, but also push ourselves to focus on where we’ll be tomorrow.

Defining the brand identity for your brand and taking time to revisit it often, keeps you grounded, focused, and collectively aligned throughout your organization. If you need some help getting there, we’d love to chat about how we can best work together. Get in touch!

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