Positivity Takes Practice.

Proof Branding

A brand is only as strong as the people who support it. Externally, this means your customers, clients, fans, and followers. Internally, this strength is driven from your team’s culture and collaboration. Individual ingenuity and collective creativity. Hard work and heart.

We’ve kicked off several new client projects over the last few weeks and while the industries have been varied one thing has been consistent. Positivity.

Positivity may be the most cliche “secret ingredient to success” that I could possibly throw out there for you. It also may be the most important and perhaps, the most often overlooked. It’s easy to tell yourself to be positive but it takes practice to bring positivity into the workplace consistently.

Positivity requires an abundance mindset and a focus on gratitude. It mandates taking the high road when it feels almost impossible to do so. It depends on deferring negative energy when you’ll undoubtedly be faced with hurdles and obstacles.

But positivity is contagious and, through time, profitable. The brands you know, the brands you love, we love them because we believe in them. And we believe in them because the people behind the brand believe in it themselves.

Strong brands are consistent in both their “what” and their “why”. And as nearly every industry becomes more and more commoditized, what your brand has that no other brand can tout is the people you work alongside.

It’s easy to fall into a rhythm of overlooking the power of positivity. Today, tomorrow, and until you can build it into the pattern of your day to day,┬ámake a conscious effort to do the little things. They’re the foundation for building big brand loyalty.

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