Double Down On Clarity.


Proof is a branding company, so everyone here inherently believes in the value of the “experience.” This experience could be how you feel when you walk into the subway-tiled, beautifully minimal Proper Bagel, or the experience of navigating a lead generating website that pushes the sales of software applications.

As smaller companies strive to compete against “big box” businesses and local nonprofits stand up against national counterparts, more than ever, that focus on experience is important and imperative.

But even we, the biggest advocates for an outstanding brand experience, remind ourselves and our clients that the best experience in the world cannot make up for a quality product or service.

Cut out the fluff.

Vanity may be more apparent in today’s world of marketing than ever. We are visual consumers and we believe what we see, often without doing much in the way of research. But we’re also trending back in the direction of taking extra steps to peel back the layers and dive deeper in our decision-making.

The best thing you can do is to double-down on clarity. To cut out the fluff, ignore (to an extent) the looks and feels. Be clear and confident in your who, what, and why.

Proof is a branding company. We design logos, build websites, and develop marketing plans. I could rattle off a long list of services and if you’re so-inclined, you can read through our Playbook to get a detailed look at all that we do. But at the end of the day, we make your business or organization better. We craft purposeful, passionate brands. We help clients sell more products, garner more support, and gain more recognition.

What do you do? Do you sell insurance? Make coffee? Educate students? Save lives? Big or small, place you bet on that clear, undeniable, identifiable thing that is imperative for your buyers, supporters, and followers to know, understand, and believe in.

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