Presenting the Process.

Contour Airlines

Our team recently took a private plane to Tupelo, Mississippi for the day (that’s something I never thought I’d type).

July’s Vision Day was an opportunity for us to focus on our process and purpose and while many good conversations and good times were had, perhaps the most important takeaway was our discussion on how we present our work.

My team knows how much I value the importance of selling work with confidence. As a branding company, it’s in our DNA to focus on the “why” behind all that we do. We pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of our process, and our desire to invite clients in to peek behind the current of our progress along the way.

Over the past year, we’ve really focused heavily on how we present our work. When tasked with designing a logo, we focus not only on the mark itself but the system that surrounds it, and its use in application. Being able to see how the logo will be used in a variety of formats, along with colors, patterns, etc. shifts the conversation from “do you like this one or that one?” to something that’s much more sophisticated and leads to a better, more educated, and well-informed final product.

It involves more time (and more risk) on the front-end. There’s a chance that our time investment in building out variations of an entire system will backfire, but thus far, it hasn’t. Even if we don’t quite get it right out of the gate (design is a process, after all), it always – always – leads to a positive, collaborative conversation that gets us to the best end-product directly and efficiently.

We left Mississippi with a renewed focus on the value in presenting the process and a deeper appreciation of articulating not only what someone sees, but why they see it.

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