Processes That Promote Collaboration.

At Proof, we’re all about inviting clients into our process. We believe that no one knows the company better than the people who spend everyday living and breathing it. We cannot be the experts in what you do, but we are the experts in crafting a story and brand around what you do that builds awareness, increases sales, and drives traffic.

With that being said, we have strategically set processes in place that promote collaboration:

We Ask A Lot of Questions

When we sign on a new client, we’re eager to take a deep dive into who they are, who they aspire to be, what makes them tick, and most importantly why they love what they do. Our Brand Landscape is a thorough questionnaire to answer all of these questions. Once the client answers our questions, each member of our team takes a critical look and compiles a list of questions to discuss in our Understanding Your Brand workshop. Designers dig deep to find the perfect aesthetic, content strategists hone in on messaging and content, and our fearless leaders discuss specific goals and ROI metrics that will inform our branding process.

We Use Google Docs

We know that not everyone is always used to working within a Google doc, but we’ve found it is the absolute best place for us to all put our creative minds together and develop a complete product. Content is organized in these docs, clients are tagged in the docs where assets are needs, design instruction is left in comments, and website functionality is discussed among developers. We love seeing clients in the Google docs, building on the outline we’ve created. Throughout the whole process, clients can see how far along we are in the process, and also leave us any stream-of-consciousness notes, or just say hi!

XD Links are King

If we’re designing anything for you – from websites to annual reports or brochures – we export our drafts into Adobe XD, a vector-based tool for designing and prototyping user experience for web and mobile apps. Specifically for web design and development, these mockups give clients a near-exact look at how their site will come to life online. We want you to be nitpicky and present throughout the process! XD allows clients to comment directly on the mockups, pinning their comments to specific aspects of the page – avoiding any back and forth feedback.

We Present Our Ideas

When we complete a logo or website – we will never just hit send without any context. We love having the opportunity to explain our creative process and reasoning behind every decision. From copy, colors, layout, or functionality – nothing is on accident. Our final products are purposeful, and often times walking clients through our process in a presentation gives them the ability to see deeper meanings, understand higher-level functionalities, and remove themselves from the project and see it from their target audience’s perspective.

When you work with us, you should never feel in the dark. No design direction or logo concept should entirely shock you. With ample involvement through every stage, as well as a thorough explanation, you will be an active part of your brand coming to life. And that’s the way it should be!

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