Small Corrections Lead to Big Change.

When I was a kid, my dad taught me how to drive a boat. Taking control of the wheel felt more powerful than scary, and I wanted to go fast. We established a destination and I could see it. I knew where I wanted to go, and, in my mind, it was only a short distance away. But every time I jerked the wheel, my dad would stop me and say “Small corrections. Small corrections.”, which became a series of teaching moments on patience and ensured I didn’t capsize the boat.

Steering a brand is a lot like steering a boat—you’re operating something much larger than yourself, even if it’s a “small business”. There’s no way you can, at all times, be sure your perception is the right one. Do you know every facet of your business is promoting the same mission you’ve established? Is everyone on board with the direction you’re going? Are you prepared for every wildcard challenge that comes your way?

Of course not. That’s why small steps are key to meeting your business goals. You know what you want. You see the destination. And you can’t get there fast enough. But if you adjust too quickly, you just might knock everything off-balance.

While big leaps have a time and a place, steadily moving toward the finish line gives you the ability to test progress, adjust course to account for obstacles, and really feel the results. You’ll retain the rhythm of learning, establish insight toward your next set of achievements, and be ready to address setbacks proactively.

Speed and power are always there for the taking, but small corrections lead to big change.

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