Employee Benefits at Proof.

It’s taken me six years to sit down and write about employee benefits at Proof. Inspired by Jason Fried at Basecamp, questions from potential hires, and conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, I think it’s about time I outline some of the benefits I extend to my crew.

+ 100% Paid Health Insurance. A healthy team is a productive team. And, I want my employees to know I care about them and their well-being. Plus, health insurance is something that everyone needs. I decided at the beginning of this year to offer 100% paid health through Blue Cross Blue Shield with optional dental and vision.

+ Apple Equipment. Yes, we’re a bunch of Apple snobs here at Proof. Apple equipment is provided to everyone who wants/needs it. If you’re going to be on a computer all day, every day, it better be a good one.

+ Flexible Time Off. We don’t have a strict PTO policy here at Proof. You’re welcome to take the time off you need as long as the job gets done. Sure, that comes with some logistical planning as a small company, but time off to refresh and recharge is important and welcomed here.

+ Professional Development Stipend. Professional development and growth is all but required here at Proof. Needless to say, I strongly encourage it and one of our core values is to always be better than yesterday. I provide every member of the team with a professional development stipend for classes, events, books, etc.

+ Remote Work. A quick look at our Playbook will show you that we work in the office M/W/F and remote on T/TR. This is something we’ve held sacred for years now—it’s incredibly important to me and to our culture. Tuesdays and Thursdays are remote days designed to limit distractions and stay focused in our element, whatever that may be. Work from a coffee shop, come into the office, work at home in your PJs. The possibilities are endless!

+ Good Vibes and Cold Beer. It can’t be forgotten that, in general, the culture here is collaborative, challenging, and exciting. Between monthly Vision Days and Vision Quest (our team retreat) we work hard, have fun, and always have a fridge full of beer. Culture shouldn’t be measured in happy hours, but we’re mindful of taking care of our clients without taking ourselves too seriously and making sure we have fun along the way.

If you’re looking to join an amazing team yourself you can check our our current openings or if you have questions, send us an email.

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