Stopping to start.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

Life does move pretty fast – and it’s insanely easy to get caught in the weeds of the day to day. Stopping and looking around – especially in the world of a startup? That takes some serious discipline. That’s why today, we’re embarking on our second “Vision Quest”.

We are taking the next two and a half days to close our laptops and close our doors to clients to focus on what makes Proof move us. We are heading south to Chattanooga, out of our comfort zone, and breaking away from the day to day.

We have each had a hand in creating this 60-hour experience to “stop and look around”. We’ll be pausing to define “what” and “how” – and most importantly, pause to reflect on “why”.

No, we won’t be highjacking a Ferrari and hitting Lake Shore Drive. But we will no doubt have our own adventure with the intention of coming away refreshed, focused, and with a clear sense of what matters both to us as individuals and as a company. (Stay tuned because some epic shit is set to come out this)

A friend recently mentioned that her company has talked about doing something like this but they can’t find the time to make it happen. I totally get it. It’s not easy – but it is necessary. Probably more important than you think.

My questions to her and anyone else being held back: What is stopping you? What can you stop doing so you can stop to look around at the work – the life – you’re creating?

We hustled a little harder over the past few weeks for our clients, our families, and ourselves to create a meaningful experience for Proof – and in turn, our clients, our community, and our future.

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