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Redbull Gives You Wings

Close your eyes, turn off your electronics, remove yourself from external stimuli, and rid all thoughts except those of Red Bull. What comes to mind? The ever so memorable red and yellow logo? The silver and blue can with its logo superimposed? Your cousin Jimmy, who continually needs to stop during road trips for a pick me up? Or do you imagine yourself falling from a plane, shredding through last night’s snowfall, or even flying a stunt plane defying all laws of gravity, thinking to yourself, “Should I have re-upped on medical insurance?”

For me it’s the latter. I can’t hear the name Red Bull and not immediately think my life’s on the line participating in some extreme sport. But how did Red Bull get such an insanely strong association with extreme sports? Branding. And not just their logo or shiny packaging, but through all parts that encompass what Red Bull really is. Because your brand is more than your logo. It’s the paper used for your business cards. It’s the tone and language used on the website. Heck, it’s even what Martha, from next door, says about your sales agents. Every touchpoint is your brand.

To truly know your brand is to dig deep and find what makes your brand tick. To have a following, you must first stand for something because, if you don’t, you stand for nothing. Never straying from their excitable lifestyle has landed Red Bull an almost cult-like following. Loyal fans, who thrive only after pounding a can and crushing it on their forehead with adrenaline, makes Red Bull undeniably successful.

The Red Bull lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and that’s a good thing. By creating a unique and adventurous voice they’ve dominated the market for years. Getting to know your brand and the story behind it makes our team at Proof excited every day. Taking the time to ask questions and discuss what makes you tick is often lost nowadays, but it’s an essential part of our process.

Creating a successful, memorable brand goes way beyond a logo, packaging, or a flashy website. It’s all of those things and then some. It’s the idea that a 12 oz. can of energy can give you wings.

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