The Brand is You

As are the infamous words of our friend and blogger extraordinaire, Ashley Ambirge, “You are the Rex-mobile”.

Now, of course, that makes absolutely no sense unless you go watch this video. But in short, Ashley emphasizes the importance of including yourself in your brand. If you’re selling yourself, or your business but you’re nowhere to be found, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Our branding adventures have us often working with clients on turning their ideas into reality. From naming a business to coming up with services, designing a logo, writing a PR pitch and building a website – every element of your brand should include the essence of your own identity.

It’s not always easy, but understanding your own identity is critical to understanding what your business or organization will be and how it’s perceived by your clients, customers, and donors.

If your business isn’t personal, you don’t have a business. It’s time to start looking inward.

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