Weekend Reading: Work Less Edition

March Madness is in full effect. Here’s to hoping my alma-mater (Belmont) makes it further than one-and-done in this year’s big dance (wishful thinking). It’s been another outstanding week here at Proof HQ and we’re happy to once again bring you some great reading material to get you caught up on the week that was…

  • Work Less: Ryan Carson over at Think Vitamin offers up some great insight into the legendary four-day-work week, but doing so in a very realistic and tangible way. Once they invent a one-day work-week, sign me up.
  • Why Business Owners Should Never Be Happy: Mark Stevens writes a good piece of on about the dangers of being “happy and content” as a business owner. He offers some good advice, especially this nugget on customer service: “Satisfied customers are easy prey for aggressive competitors. We have to raise the bar, shooting for a new standard: Thrilling the people we serve. When you are thrilled you are a customer for life.”
  • Addicted to Freelancing: Friend and fellow-entrepreneur Nicole Branigan recently celebrated her one-year anniversary making it on her own and shares some great insight on the addiction to the freelance lifestyle and being your own boss.

A recap from our blog this week:

  • You Can Create Art Anywhere: Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, embrace the tools you have in front of you and get to work.
  • Bread. Butter. Better.: Figure out what kind of butter you can offer and apply it when needed to make something the best it can be.
  • Saying No Means Saying Yes: The important lesson any business must learn? Learning when to say “no”.

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