The McDonald’s Theory of Leadership

Jon Bell has a unique way of handling indecision and uncertainty. He suggests McDonald’s.

I use a trick with co-workers when we’re trying to decide where to eat for lunch and no one has any ideas. I recommend McDonald’s. An interesting thing happens. Everyone unanimously agrees that we can’t possibly go to McDonald’s, and better lunch suggestions emerge. Magic!

Personally, I find this brilliant. Brainstorming an incredibly helpful process, but it often requires someone to get vulnerable – to risk rejection. That’s the beauty of The McDonald’s Theory.

Sometimes to be a leader, you have to be the most willing to fail. You have to be willing to own a bad suggestion in order to spark good ones. If you’ve chosen your team right, they won’t leave you hanging with that one terrible idea on the table.

In order to truly lead your brand in the right direction, you have to be the idiot who suggests everyone goes to McDonald’s.

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