The Power of “What If” Questions

Almost all of us have experienced those sleepless nights running through scenario after scenario, wondering “what if.”

What if…

…the next client never comes? …my product falls flat? …my investment doesn’t work out? …my best employee leaves? …I have to lay off more people? …we don’t get this account? …our biggest client decides to work with someone else instead?

These “what ifs” don’t pay off. They remove your strength, undermine your influence, and make you bow to the negative. When given enough power, they can break you.

But there’s another kind of “what if” question: the “what if” of possibility. Instead of weighing us down, these questions free us and empower us.

What if…

…we tried something totally different? …we asked this person’s advice? …this isn’t impossible? …we got enough investors? …we reinvented this process? …we sold more of this and less of that? …we lower our prices? …we raise our prices?

These “what ifs” ignite our imaginations and inspire us challenge the status quo. They aren’t always the solution, but they’re starting points. Eventually “what ifs” of possibility lead to innovation.

It’s tempting to ask, “What if I fail?” Instead, reframe your perspective and ask…

“What if I succeed?”

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