Our Playbook. And Why Transparency Wins in Business.


Transparent: Able to be seen through. Easy to notice or understand. Honest and open.

Honesty and transparency have been at the core of our business model at Proof since day 1. And I’m sure as you read that you think, “Come on, everyone says they’re honest and transparent!” 

But for us — and for so many small businesses out there, transparency is a key competitive advantage and distinction. Being our true selves, and letting the world see who we are, what we care about, and how we work has and continues to lead to better quality work and continually opens the door to new opportunities.

In an effort to further champion “transparency” at Proof, we recently put together the Proof Playbook.

A traditional playbook contains descriptions of different offensive and defensive plays that are used by a team. If your opponent calls a 4 WR Post Route, it’s time to break out your Quarter-3-Deep-Zone. Running a 1-3-1 at the end of the 4th quarter? Cut the Guard to the basket for an easy layup. Playbooks are designed to equip teams with a plan for every situation, putting them in the best position of success.

With this in mind, we took what was originally and internal-facing document, built upon it, refined it, and put it on our website to share with clients, potential clients, career-seekers, and the community.

Our Playbook is a detailed, transparent view into who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It’s our defined and outlined purpose, process, and passion. And there’s a lot here. Just like a team needs a play for every down and distance, we have a plan for our process and purpose. What are our core values? How do we use Basecamp and Slack for communication? What can a new hire expect on day one? What should clients know about ownership of final, approved deliverables?

Why Transparency Wins

Through transparency and authenticity, we’re able to define our daily routines and workflows and confidently communicate what we do best and what drives us, both as individuals and as a collective unit.

It’s my belief, and a shared belief amongst our team, that full transparency into who we are and how we work can and does contribute to us doing our best work. We want people to feel confident that we’re the best fit, even before they pick up the phone or send us an initial email.

As the owner of a company that “aspires to be small” and values a personal, relatable approach to our work, our Playbook has already paid dividends in better inquiries, better applicants, and a better internal connection to our brand’s purpose and process.

Whether you’re interested in working with us, or just want to know how often we get together for happy hour, our Playbook is for you. Check it out. Maybe you’ll be inspired to share your own Playbook with the world.

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