Do What You Do Best (Forget The Rest)

What do you know best? This is where your brand starts, and this is where it should end.

Unfortunately, there’s always a gigantic temptation to extend our reach, dabble in new mediums, and run before we master walking. Overreaching is never something we intend to do… In fact, it’s often extreme inspiration and motivation that convinces us to take another step.

The best example of this is in the realm of social media. As you’re likely aware, we’re the most socially connected we’ve ever been. Millions of consumers spend millions of hours on hundreds of different platforms; so naturally, this is a great place for brands to be.

But this is where it gets complicated.

To achieve the aforementioned goal of “going where the customers are” and staying on the cutting edge of technology, brands flock to every social network as it gains popularity. For many, this looks like Facebook and Google Plus pages, a Twitter handle, a YouTube account, a LinkedIn profile, and multiple Pinterest boards. Not to mention a blog to maintain.

Can you truly connect with the right audience when you stretch yourself so thin and so far? No. You can’t. At least not very well.

While it seems strategic, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Companies get so caught up in this idea that they have to engage in social media in order to be relevant. And while this is true to some extent, the reality is that not every social network is effective for everybody. Your job is to consider at what you do, look at who your audience is, evaluate your resources, and marry these elements together in order to make social media work best for your brand.

This idea carries over into every element of your branding strategy.

Both online and in day-to-day interactions, your brand is responsible for owning the market for whatever you specialize in. Don’t get off track trying to go too far too fast. You’ll confuse your audience and dilute your message. You won’t be as valuable as you can be.

Instead, use every opportunity to show off your unrivaled expertise. Put your all in to what you know best and don’t worry about the other stuff.

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