Why We Got an Office

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, you may not be aware that we now have a swanky space to call home away from home. That’s right, folks: we have an office.

For the first nine months of our existence, we got by using coffee shops, dining room tables, and we even posted up with the fine folks at E|SPACES. But the more we ran around town, we began to realize that having a place to land, a place where all of our growing team could gather, and a place to meet clients was a necessity.

Most of all, we realized that an office was another opportunity to brand ourselves. And so, we officially moved into The Distillery last month. A trip to Ikea and some fantastic signage and wall art later and we’ve officially got our own place. Our moms are proud.

Sure – there’s an extra cost. We have to pay for things like Internet and we even had to buy a printer. But, a place we can call our own and that serves as an extension of our brand is well worth it.

Many times, we limit the notion of branding to a logo, some business cards, and maybe even a story or two. But anything – literally – can help you brand yourself. Take a look around and before you sign a lease, ask your team, “How can we use this extra expense as a chance to further grow our brand in the community?”

We’ll post more pictures soon, but if you’re ever in Marathon Village in the heart of Nashville, come on in. Oatmeal Cream Pies and Jubilee is on us.

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