How to Avoid Brand Burnout

Just like you and I, from time to time, brands experience burnout. They get tired, fatigued, and lose motivation. They lose their sense of purpose, they forget why they got started, and they lose sight of their audience.

Brand burnout is typically directly correlated with the simple concept of trying to be something that you’re not. Assuming an identity that you *think* your clients, customers, and audience wants, while losing focus on what you do best, what you do that’s unique, and most importantly, why it matters.

Your business, whatever it is you do, fine reader, is one of many, many brands in the market. Every one of them is constantly shouting at your audience of consumers, supporters, and followers from every direction and at every turn. Many (dare I say most) brands trying to be something that they’re not to make a buck or gain support. Shouting louder and louder to the point when inevitability, you conform and shout too, just to keep up.

And then you’re burned out. Then you’re wondering how the hell you ended up here. You’ve lost sight of your purpose — your passion — and the true identity of your brand.

Maintaining your own identity, harnessing it and holding onto it, is the only way you keep from getting burned out, bored, and confused in your message and purpose.

It’s that sweet “why” nugget that every brand holds. Why you exist. Why you matter. Why anyone should care. Tap back into that – stay committed to it – and make it a central part of your narrative and brand story.

Whether you’re developing a new product, tailoring a service for a specific client market, or writing a simple blog post like this, if your heart isn’t in it, it’s time to quit it. Your idea, your purpose, your “why” will fizzle.

Next time you’re making a decision for your business and brand, ask yourself a simple question: “Are we being true to ourselves?” – The answer to that question, as basic as it may be, will keep you from wasting time, contributing to the noise, and getting a hard case of brand burnout.

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