Do I Really Need A Mission Statement

Say you’ve started your own company, organization, brand — and now it’s time to tell the world. You have a memorable logo, a concise name, and you’re eager to get started. But one of the most crucial things you can do before launching your new endeavor is to create a mission statement. But you may ask yourself, do I really need a mission statement?

Mission statements may seem outdated and boring, but when it comes to your brand’s identity and the story you tell to your customers (or potential customers), this is actually an incredibly important step.

Mission Statements Remind You Of Your “Why”

Mission statements are the compass for your company, internally and externally. When new ideas come to you or issues arise (they always do), you can refer back to this statement to remind yourself of the “why” when the “what” gets a little overwhelming.

Mission Statements Give You Authority

This internal adoption of the mission statement is so crucial to developing a team that is on the same page. Your mission statement lays the foundation for how you talk about your company, and in fact, it outlines to others how they should think or talk about your company as well. Aligning your internal team on the mission statement and other brand messaging tools you have set will give your company a sense of authority, a steady voice in the conversation.

Mission Statements Allow You To Control The Conversation

These mission statements become your elevator pitch. When you have less than a minute to explain what it is your company does, your mission statement and/or subsequent brand messaging will ensure that everyone’s response is the same. It even gives customers some language to use when raving about your new product or service.

It may seem like a little thing, but mission statements are a powerful tool for aligning and promoting your business. Both internally and externally, these mission statements shape your goals, impact, and ultimately your public perception.

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