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Charter schools are born from the dream of offering a choice – an alternative to the standard education option that can meet the individual needs of students, enhancing their futures and that of their communities.

To bring this dream to life, charters usually break it down into three overarching objectives:


By reading our book, you’ll get actionable advice and insights about how to bolster each by means of solid brand and marketing practices.

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Build a Strong Charter School Brand 2.0

Our previous edition ofBuild a Strong Charter School Brand had our founder and veteran brand strategist Matt Cheuvront talk about the importance of your brand’s story. This updated 2.0 version is designed to help you make the most of the new and improved online environment and use digital tactics strategically to reach your goals in enrollment, recruitment, and fundraising, and features new case studies and relevant examples as the charter landscape has rapidly evolved over the last several years.


Read the book to learn about how the following brand extensions can and do impact charter school success:

Brand strategy

Logo & brand standards

Website design & ux

Print & digital collateral

Digital advertising & marketing

Brand standards & guidlines

Learn from the Best

From independent startup schools to nation-wide networks and innovative ed tech business, we’ve partnered with some of the best and brightest charter leaders in the country. See how some of the nation’s leading charters have refined their brands by incorporating our input and support.

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As a national network of high-performing charter schools, KIPP is motivated by the mission of creating opportunities for all students, regardless of ZIP code.

View the Full Case Study

View the Full Case Study

Valor Collegiate Academies is a mixed-income model school based in Nashville that exists to empower a diverse community to live inspired, purposeful lives.

View the Full Case Study

View the Full Case Study

The mission, goal, and core values at IDEA Public Schools are as meaningful today as they were at the network’s founding 20+ years ago. Serving more than 66,000 students across 9 regions in multiple states, IDEA stands as one of the largest operating charter networks in the country.

Learn More About IDEA Schools

“Proof’s desire to understand KIPP’s culture, theory of change, and the education landscape within which we work has resulted in a website and brand that is brought to life with personal stories, while genuinely portraying our high-level community impact. Their work has allowed us to reach more students, recruit talented teachers and leaders, and invest donors further into our mission.”

Erin Holt | Director of Communications – KIPP Nashville

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The value of a well-defined, well-told, and well-shared story is a primary contributing factor to your charter’s success. Wherever your struggles are centered, the time it takes to reassess and improve your brand pales in comparison to the time you’ll gain to focus on what’s most important: your students and their futures, and your school’s future as a force for positive change in the community.

Get your free copy of Build A Strong Charter School Brand, and take the first and best next step at bolstering your organization’s brand.

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