Dare to be Different.

At Proof, we work with clients across the country. Our role – whether with a new business or existing organization – is to ensure that the visual brand, brand name, and brand story are not only representative of what the brand does or creates, but that their brand visuals and copy stand out among the rest in their respective fields.

Allow me to tie this into the fast food industry. I was recently driving down interstate 65 in Alabama and every few exits I would see what food options were listed on the “Next Exit” signs. It was a sea of red: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Checkers, Chik Fil A, etc… All with a true red color palette. It all blended together, to be honest (aside from the beautiful beacon of gold that is the Waffle House logo on occasion).

As I passed one sign on the south side of Birmingham, Alabama, I noticed on the food sign a bright purple logo for The Purple Onion. That caught my eye knowing it was a restaurant that I rightly assumed didn’t solely serve onions. With that little differentiation, I decided that was my place and because I was driving, I couldn’t responsibly look it up on my phone to get the lowdown.

I decided to take the exit for The Purple Onion and it turns out it’s amazing. The smells from the kitchen were equally as amazing as the true Greek food they served. No frills, just quality, authentic food that was delicious and left me wanting more.

After leaving, I was reminded of (the often referred to) Seth Godin and his book, The Purple Cow. As a note, the color purple is just a coincidence in this case. The premise of the book is that in miles of farms with black and white cows if one were to see a purple cow, they would stop and likely say, “what is that, why is it here, and how did it become purple?”

The concept is true for any brand, any name, and logo. It won’t be to your demise to blend in with the competition, but to be different will often lead to the thought, “I want to know more.” A brand must represent itself accurately and appropriately, but if that can be done differently and effectively, it will likely lead to consumer curiosity and – brass tax – profit.

Our team at Proof always dares to be a little different to create or re-imagine brands that are unique, serve their audiences well, and look pretty damn good if we say so ourselves. If you’re looking for a brand that stands out, contact us.

Dare to be different and we’ll do the same.