The Laptop Lifestyle.

Here at Proof, we lean into our philosophy, “great work can be done from anywhere.” We might even argue, “our best work can be done from anywhere.” As designers fueled by creativity, placing ourselves in inspiring and stimulating environments is extremely important.

Having the privilege to work from anywhere: to sit in a new coffee shop, bar, park, or cafe and soak in the newness, the experience, the culture, the smells, the people; these are the spaces that push us out of our own head, and allow for an environment that can change us, mold us, and spark inspiration. With a new stroke of inspiration, an idea can go from nothing to something, just by stepping out of the norm.

Don’t get me wrong: head-down time is insanely important for focus and productivity, but being surrounded by new experiences literally fuels new perspective. An environment can get us out of our own way; it can help us over a mental-block; it can allow us to press forward, with new insight. In the exploratory stage of design or when we are stuck with a design problem, spacial newness might just be we need.

Carl Sagan says, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” It’s our job to tap into what is waiting to be discovered. Exploring new places and spaces allows for us to discover what it means to be human, explore what beautiful design has already been created, and catalyzes the ability to look deep within ourselves to discover what creative solution is waiting to be known.

Our top five local Nashville coffee shops for the Laptop Lifestyle:

  1. Pinewood Social (Downtown)
    Whether sipping on a cocktail or a cappuccino, you can bring your laptop and work in Pinewood’s “Living Room,” where you can meet other remote workers. They have power outlets galore.
  2. Dose Coffee & Dram Bar (East Nashville)
    Dose is always such a great space to work in. With a light and airy aesthetic and fantastic baristas, the space allows for free-thinking and an outflow of creativity.
  3. Frothy Monkey (12 South)
    It’s a coffee shop in an old house and the aesthetic is homey and warm. They have new art every month, supporting local Nashville artists. Frothy’s food is fantastic, allowing for a perfect spot to camp out all day.
  4. The Post East (East Nashville)
    The best coffee shop playlist goes to The Post. They have a plethora of vegan and gluten-free snack options and serve delicious coffee and smoothies.
  5. Slowhand Coffee (East Nashville)
    One of the newest coffee shops on the east side is both aesthetic and affordable. Most of the light in this space is window lighting, creating an open environment for anyone working remotely. May your remote work days be full of strong coffee and expansive inspiration.

May your remote work days be full of strong coffee and expansive inspiration.

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