How To Build Successful Client Relationships.

Our team at Proof always dares to be a little different, and we expect our clients to do the same. But we know that no matter what industry or type of project we’re working on, the foundation of every project is built on our relationships with our clients. But what exactly makes these partnerships successful? Here are the key factors in building strong client relationships:

Be Transparent

We know that the best client and agency relationships are built on transparency. We invite our clients to understand our approach and overall design process, and we expect the same open communication from clients. We know that when our relationship with our clients is straightforward and honest on both sides, trust, respect, and great creative work follow.

Likewise, at the beginning of each project, we feel it’s important to sit down with our clients and develop a strong understanding of their needs. We take time to ask questions and get a clear picture of what they want, why they want it, what they hope to achieve. Because we take the time to do this, no one is surprised by the process or timelines. We stay within the scope of projects and deadlines aren’t missed because we communicate openly and honestly.

Be Specific

We aren’t mind-readers, and we don’t expect our clients to be either. That’s why clear communication is crucial for a successful project. We know our clients aren’t experts in branding or web design, and this is why we take the time to educate our clients over the course of the project. We ask questions and take thorough notes during our discussions. And if we notice information is missing or encounter roadblocks, we’re proactive in discussing the matter before we are too far along in the creative process.

Similarly, we expect our clients to be specific and honest with us. A good client is responsive and direct. They designate one main point of contact on their end and that person owns the relationship from start to finish. They write one email with coherent, consolidated feedback, rather than looping in every other member of their team and expecting the designer to ask follow-up questions. And because we’ve already established trust and transparency, we expect our clients to be honest with their feedback so that we can land on the best possible creative solution.

Be personable

The Proof team loves the work we do. We work with awesome people, and we know that having a little bit of fun along the way is part of our process. Our passion for our projects comes through in every brand we build, and we intentionally focus on our relationships with our clients so that our creative process can be exciting and enjoyable on both ends. We approach the work of building brands and relationships with our clients with a positive attitude because we know that any designer or client that takes things too seriously can be a drag.

While we approach the creative process in a professional manner, we know that sometimes cracking a joke on a conference call or asking a client about how their week has been going sometimes brings necessary levity to an intensive round of feedback, a tight deadline, or other hiccups that can sometimes interrupt the creative process.

We focus on these three factors with every project and pride ourselves on cultivating lasting relationships with all of the clients we work with. By being transparent, communicating directly, and having a little bit of fun, we are able to build purposeful, passionate brands.

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