Why Nashville Is An Inspiring Place to Work.

As the newest Nashvillian on the team, I am constantly finding more things to love about this city. Inspiration is everywhere: with all of the music, art, creative conversations, and innovation happening all over town. I know I create better content and push my creative boundaries by living inside this artistic bubble. Here are a few things that inspire me about this town we call home:

The diversity

Did you know 100 people move to Nashville per day? This city has long been a destination for those looking to work in the music industry. But it has since attracted major companies, like Amazon, Asurion, and Bridgestone, while also making a conscious choice to welcome small and locally-owned businesses. That brings people from all over the world to our little city – and makes for the best creative atmosphere to live, work, and play in.

The diversity of the city is reflected in the work we get to do: from design for a local brewery, partnerships with local schools, and branding for new construction and property development around town, the variety of clients we serve prompts us to stay sharp, innovative, and always on the look for inspiration.

The focus on art & creativity

It’s hard to miss any of the famous Nashville murals when you’re driving around town. Besides their obvious Instagram-worthiness, this work is mostly local artists leaving their mark on the city. The Frist Art Museum is home to rotating exhibits of world-renown artists mixed in with state art. There’s never a shortage of craft fairs, like Crafty Bastards or Market for Makers, which feature regional art, jewelry, clothing, home decor, and more.

All of this is before even mentioning the music scene. In the almost one year I have lived here, I have seen more than 40 musical performances, from big headliners to hometown bands I recently discovered. There’s always a show somewhere in Nashville.

Whether the city’s art is inspiring a color palette for a new website, content for social media, or web design, being in a place that is always making you flex your creativity is irreplaceable.

The mindset

There’s something about the way people in Nashville talk or carry themselves, I can never quite put my finger on it, but it’s unique, interesting, and inspiring. My neighborhood of East Nashville is filled with creative people expressing themselves. It’s a place where your voice is welcome. Your perspective is appreciated. Your uniqueness is valuable.

This mindset allows for me, and Proof as a team, to live creatively, and explore ideas that another more structured environment may inhibit. It’s a freedom to experiment and a higher value placed on the creative process that makes Nashville such an inspiring place to work.

As Nashville continues to grow, the team at Proof seems to only find more reasons to call this place home. Besides our unparalleled love for good food and drinks, the city’s hub for creatives and freedom of expression remain unmatched and uniquely inspiring.

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