Packaging Design Should Be An Extension of Your Brand.

At Proof, we have formed great and successful partnerships over the past decade. These partnerships have proven to be a cornerstone for the support of our clients as we develop their brands through design and development services across all mediums.

Having worked with a multitude of product and hospitality clients, we understand the need for and importance of on-brand, effective, and inspiring product and packaging design that stands out in a highly competitive market.

Working with great and trusted partners like Arka is a true value to Proof. Arka is top tier when it comes to sourcing recyclable material for boxes and packaging, as well as practicing certified-clean processes at their facilities. And they’re just a great crew that knows the importance of how brand identity is translated into the physical packaging space.

To boot, they are creative, responsive, and produce products that have created an experience that is on brand, exciting, and are always impressive and create an awesome impact.

Whether it’s a box that’s mailed to you or a retail product package, the experience is always memorable. One of Arka’s clients, Jesse Richardson, has worked with Reese Witherspoon, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, and more. In branding, the common thread is that everything – including your packaging design – is 100% consistent and impactful.

Test everything. “Down to the people you work with. Everything digital and analog in your life. You need to be able to discern what works and what doesn’t very quickly as a new entrepreneur, especially if you’re bootstrapping it.”

This is a value we hold true at Proof. To be diligent, creative, and have the ultimate trust in the people with whom you work and partner. A creative brand is one that is consistent at every touch point. From the logo, website design, interior space, and – to this article’s point – beautiful and memorable packaging reflects the full brand experience and creates brand evangelists. In the end, that consistency across every medium and every touchpoint is what builds brand loyalty and makes your brand shine amongst the competition.

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