Why Cities Should Develop A Strong Brand Presence.

We’re all living in cities unless you’re 100% off the grid, in which case, you’re probably not reading this blog. For those of us in cities big or small, we have civic pride. We welcome people to enjoy our towns and cities and all of the great things that are offered.

When it comes to how you brand your city or city entities, it’s important to show your personality and create a memorable design that projects the personality and overall vibe.

City of Boston

A few years ago, Proof worked with the City of Boston to partner with Boston City Government to develop a brand and applicable campaigns surrounding the city’s employment and career center. This was crucial for the city to recruit potential employees, but most importantly to establish a campaign that brought the city to the forefront as a place people are proud to work.

Greater Nashville Regional Council

We recently worked with the Greater Nashville Regional Council on a comprehensive re-brand that is a true visual nod to our state’s capital city and is a refreshed take on their former visual identity. Our work with GNRC set them up to have a welcomed facelift and brand standards that will keep the brand aligned across the board. They recently even won three Certificates of Merit for their communications work.

New York City

We’re always looking for inspiration too when it comes to branding cities. Wolff Olins did an incredible job for the New York City branding project. As a similar agency to Proof, they created a brand for the city that was a stark contrast to the previous perception of the old, old New York; a town of bright lights and crime. The updated branding positioned New York City in a way that is warm, fun, approachable, and highlights the Big Apple as a place where residents and visitors can enjoy all it has to offer.

Asheville, North Carolina

On the smaller city side of the spectrum, Asheville, NC (one of Proof’s favorite destinations) is mostly considered a small town with big beers and great food. The city’s tourism website is a nod to the personality of Asheville that is playful and adventurous. It’s a departure from the glitz and glam of big cities and brilliantly showcases how food and nature are paired perfectly within and around the city.

With all cities, towns, and municipalities, it’s important to have a brand that showcases your reason for living or visiting. However, a city brand that is welcoming, experiential, and – most importantly – aesthetically draws in the eye and makes way for a website that is functional and recognizable, will hold up for years to come, and is distinctly its own.

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