Learning To Ask For Help At Work.

Pride is a convincing fool. Creatives know this is true. Our successes (and failures), to some degree, are subjective, and that’s tough. I think across all industries the notion of “I got this,” or “I’ll prove my talent,” is ripe, and frankly, alluring. In the creative space, however, the “right” way or “best” way is ever-changing, depending on who you ask. And sometimes you just get stuck.

This moment prompts a decision not uncommon – do you stubbornly proceed forward, hellbent on working your way through this temporary lull? Or do you ask for help?

The longer I work in an agency setting, I’m reminded of how important collaboration is. Some of my best ideas come from conversations with coworkers, organically talking about a project or concept; yet when I find myself struggling, my natural inclination is to crawl deeper into my shell instead of shedding it. The team at Proof has helped me so much with this. Our team operates from the mindset that work should be “shared early and often.” This, paired with a direct line of communication, and the willingness to point out when something just isn’t working, makes for an efficient workflow.

Our production team consists of three designers, two developers, and me – a content strategist. It’s easy for me to feel siloed – out in the big, bad world of copywriting, web content, and social media marketing campaigns – all alone. I’ve found that this mindset is an excuse to aid my pride, rather than a true depiction of how our office works. Every member of my team is ready and willing to help talk through pain points with me. And it’s a true blessing.

The more I ask for help, the better my work becomes. It’s as simple as that. I learn from other’s perspectives, processes, successes, and even, failures. Those conversations can reignite my passion for a project when I’m feeling tapped out. They refocus my purpose when I’m feeling distractible.

Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing – find that pocket of people who you trust, who will tell you the truth, who will motivate you, and lean into them when your inspiration is stalled. There is no shame in using that lifeline. In fact, that’s where success begins.

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