GEO Jobe’s custom GIS applications are solving some of the globe’s biggest challenges. With clients including Apple, Target, and BP, GEO Jobe creates easily manageable solutions that lead to increased efficiency and better business decisions. We worked with the company to rebrand and redesign their visual identity, design a responsive website, and equip them with supporting advertising and administrative collateral.

    Since our partnership, GEO Jobe’s applications have risen to the top three spots of the Esri Marketplace. Currently, BP is partnering with the company on their newest app, and GEO Jobe has seen a significant increase in web-based leads over the past 12 months. Their newest application, MapYap!, combines GIS mapping technology with a real-time chat/discussion platform. It’s the logical next step for a company that continues to lead the industry in innovation.

    Our web leads are increasing and our website is converting. We have received more web leads than ever with our new website up and running. Proof has been and continues to be our go-to branding partner, and we’re very pleased with our ongoing results.”

    Neill Jobe, CEO


    The GEO Jobe website is intuitive and immersive, reflecting the brand’s vision and purpose, while providing clear information for the company’s service offerings and custom GIS applications. The overall experience provides the user with everything they need to know to build an effective partnership with GEO Jobe.